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it’s pretty bad when you wanna hang out with someone and you have to invite someone else because or else that person will feel left out and hate the both of you 

I really dont wanna see anyone today

ok sorry for the ranty posts but i’m pretty angry about this 

it’s been going on for like a full quarter now 

this quarter i signed up for tube polo and i heard my crush was going to be on the team and i told my friend that he was going to be on the team and i was a bit nervous of looking dorky in front of him (since i’ve never played wopo but he has) and the only thing she said to me was ‘just drop out’

wtf??? um i’m going to use it as an opportunity to get close to him again or something

and she admitted to my friend that i should get over him…but like it’s not that I like him it’s that it’s fucking weird that he’s acting like a prick when we’re friends. what’s going on? if he doesn’t like me he really needs to tell me so i can stop trying to fix things 

You know when you introduce a friend to another friend and all of a sudden they start to ignore you?

yeah well that’s basically what’s happening rn to me except one of those friends is a guy that I’ve hooked up with/am fond of so it’s even weirder 

and the worst part is my bff who i introduced to the guy knows what it’s like when your …. love interest… quickly becomes friends with your other friends. Seriously I don’t get why she thinks it’s okay for her to do these things but once you do it to her it’s like it’s a fucking sin or something

like we were at a party once and she was about to throw up and i was holding her head and suddenly someone says ‘hey ___ is here!’ and she perks up and looks for him and gets all over him


Hi :) I haven’t written anything in a while but I decided to make a sequel to Line Two and the Guardian Angel because people asked so nicely. Be warned it’s kinda sucky but please enjoy!

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Banglo~ Idk what I just wrote but please enjoy OuO 

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Himchan takes Jongup out for a driving lesson. And hitting the curb is the least of their worries. 

It seemed like a good idea at first, it really did. But now that Himchan’s sitting in the passenger seat, his thighs clenched and palms clammy, he’s beginning to regret ever even proposing it.

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